The Industrial Revolution: Good Or Bad?

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The Industrial Revolution has always been considered an extremely important part of the world history and one thing is for certain the Industrial Revolution brought many incredible things. However there have been ongoing debates about whether the effects of it were more positive or negative. Despite all the good that came of the Industrial Revolution an equal amount of evil spread as well. Both sides of the Industrial Revolution could be argued, some say the good outweighs the bad and some say the opposite. But one thing is for certain, without the industrial revolution things in today society may be very different. Many people may argue that the effects of the Industrial Revolution primarily positive due to the availability of goods. Despite …show more content…
Child labor became very popular during the Industrial Revolution as they were paid cheap and worked hard over long hours. Sadly there were many drastic effects to the recipients of the child labor. A poem from the period states “I am a stranger to my child; and he is one to me” (Source 2). Because of the long hours worked during this age many children barely knew their parents and interacted with them. They grew up only knowing one world; the world of the factory. Not only did many children grow up not knowing their parents they began work at exceptionally young ages. This excerpt of an interview with a child laborer proves exactly that “C: What time did you begin work at the factory? B: When I was six years old” (Source 7). The modern law states that a minor may not work full time yet back during the age of the Industrial Revolution children worked full time in horrendous conditions doing work far more dangerous than what is required today. In fact small children between the ages of six and eight were quite popular as they could reach small places that adults and older children could not. However child workers could face disastrous consequences of their labors. “Lewis Hine’s photograph shows how big these machines are in comparison to the small children who are working on them as well as how dangerous the can be” (Source 8). The picture shows that the kids are working during the day, ample evidence that they didn’t go to school and receive an education. Also seen in the picture was the fact that girls were required to have their hair back and away for fear of getting it caught in the dangerous machinery, if that were to happen it could prove

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