Essay On Oral Receptive And Expressive Language Skills

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I would administer the CELF-5. This test is used to identify oral receptive and expressive language skills for children 5 through 21 years old. The receptive subtest range from following directions, word classes, sentence comprehension, understanding spoken paragraphs, and semantic relationships. The expressive subtest range from word structure, recalling sentences, and formulated sentences. For example, the child could score low in expressive and need services again due to the higher complexity of work in second grade. For example, the section “Understanding Paragraphs” could be extremely difficult for the child because the child has to listen to the story and answer questions. If no services can be provided by the speech pathologist, I would …show more content…
This test is an individually administers test that assessed the intelligence of children from 2;6 months to 7;7 months. The test provides composite scores for verbal comprehension, visual spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed. I would use the PLS-5 to test oral language skills. This test identifies young children (ages birth to 7;11) who have a language delay. The test assesses a wide range of communication skills and preverbal skills. I would use the The Goldman Fristoe: Test of Articulation 2 This test assesses a child 's articulation ability by sampling both spontaneous and imitative speech production. Pictures and verbal cues are used to elicit single word answers that demonstrate common speech sounds. It measures the articulation of speech sounds and identifies and describes the types of articulation errors produced by the child. I would use the Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test (PPVT-3) The PPVT measures a child 's understanding of individual words (receptive vocabulary). I would use he Expressive Vocabulary test (EVT) to the measure the child’s understanding of oral vocabulary by asking the child to name objects, actions and concepts pictured in illustrations. Lastly, I would measure the child’s adaptive skills by using the The Vineland Social Maturity Scale. This test covers the following domains: communication, daily living …show more content…
I would recommend the Iowa Basic Skills test. The test is a norm-referenced test, meaning that your child’s performance is compared with a nationally representative sample of students who took the test. The test can be used to measure growth in the areas of school achievement: vocabulary, reading comprehension, language, mathematics, social studies, science and other information. The test consist of test levels ranging from 5-14 and age ranges of kindergarten to 9.9th grade. This test would be perfect for Dr. Ann Geers since she is testing at a variety of ages.

7. The representation of a child is their performance IQ. Deaf and hard of hearing children have a good performance IQ and a depressed verbal score. The depressed verbal score is due to the fact that they have a language delay. Eleven points is educationally significant between performance and verbal, but the in the public schools it is 22 points.

8. Two questions for each question to elicit the answer:
Expressive: Does your toddler label or have names for all his/her favorite toys, food, or other

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