Essay On Modern Abortion

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Abortions: Modern Murder or Constitutional Rights?
Reproduction rights are a topic that is commonly discussed in countries all over the world. Women want the rights to their bodies, and to openly choose or oppose abortion, however there are arguments that suggest that abortions are simply wrong. People who support women’s reproductive rights believe that it is a primary human right and that all women everywhere in the world should have access to doctors in reproductive aiding and family planning services, including abortions. People who are not pro-choice believe that abortions are unethical and should be illegal. Contrary to popular belief, medical experts, religious leaders, and some government officials agree that abortions go against basic
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During the 1900’s in the United States, abortions were prohibited in thirty states and allowed under certain circumstances in twenty states. The Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade invalidated all the set restraints and laws that abandoned women from having an abortion. An abortion is a method that ends a pregnancy and during an abortion the fetus or embryo is removed from a women’s uterus. Another form of an abortion is a miscarriage, or a spontaneous abortion which occurs impulsively, or it can be purposely induced. Miscarriages are very common, and they usually happen within the first 24 weeks of a women’s pregnancy. It is estimated that forty-four million abortions are performed over the world every year, with one-third of them being done unsafely. In January 22, 1973 the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade decision changed the laws in forty-six states. With a 7-2 decision, it confirms the legality of a woman’s right to have an …show more content…
Since murder is illegal and anyone who commits murder can be prosecuted, why should the case of abortion be handled any differently? In any case, a person who is convicted of murder will face legal charges, and in some states, even death. The same should be applied to people who knowingly undergo an abortion procedure. Many people agree that just because a fetus is not yet breathing, that does not make it unhuman. Participating in abortion makes the action murder. An article by Enjiden agrees by stating, “…some authors believe that killing a baby will always be morally unsupportable. They argue that even if relieving the unbearable suffering of a neonate could be condoned, the “unbearable” quality of the suffering – which is intrinsically subjective – can never be ensured”. This confirms beliefs that abortions are immoral and brings unbearable feelings of discomfort to the fetus. Critics also argue that engaging in abortion punishes innocent humans. Babies are innocent, and come into the world not knowing anything and not being capable of sin. Having an abortion is equal to convicting an innocent person of a crime they did not commit. A fetus should not have to lose their lives due to having irresponsible parents. In addition to harming the baby, women can also be scarred for life after an abortion. This scarring can be physical, spiritual, or mental. According

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