Classification Essay On Abortion

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Abortion is the termination of pregnancy. Many women or couples decide to abort for many different reasons. When a woman come to this decision they usually have three different methods to choose from. This method used typically depends on how far the fetus is developed, or in other words what trimester the women is in. The three-abortion classification are surgical, medical, and spontaneous. This paper will analysis these three methods, briefly, and some of the side effects abortion could have on women. It will also try to provides some alternatives other than abortion and other ways to prevent pregnancy. To begin with, a surgical abortion involves an invasive procedure. There are a few ways this abortion method is exercised. The suction …show more content…
These types of abortions are unexpected and commonly known as a miscarriage. It is very uncommon to have a miscarriage after the 20th week of pregnancy, that’s why more than 80% of spontaneous abortion occur within the first three months of pregnancy. There are different causes that can lead to this unfortunate situation, especially if the mother was hoping to carry the fetus to full term. For example, infections, hormone problems, immune system response, a mother’s health or physical condition can all lead to this scenario. A miscarriage can also happen when the unborn baby has fatal genetic problems and usually these problems are not connected to the mother’s health etc. Another reason why a woman can abort unexpectedly is because she might have a cervical insufficiency. This is when there is a weakness in the cervix, so the women can’t carry. When a woman has an incompetent cervix she usually miscarries during the second trimester. A way doctors have found to prevent this from happening twice to a woman is by treating them with a circling stitch around the cervix during her second pregnancy, which holds the cervix closed until it’s time to deliver. A woman has a higher risk of miscarriage if she is over age 35, has certain diseases such as diabetes or thyroid problems, or has had three or more

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