Essay On I Am Happy

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I’m happy. I really am truly happy. I know the catalyst that brought about this happiness, but since it changed so much of my life I don’t know what individual change truly is causing my blissful contentment. Either way I do not wish to tie up my happiness and poke and prod it to figure it out. I’d rather just revel in it and experience my peace since I know it can’t last for long. At least not here, not like this.
I sit in the long grass as I feel my skin absorbing the sun. The grass prickles my arms and itches, but I don 't care. It 's that perfect temperature today. A gentle breeze sweeps the excess heat away and the clouds dance above like water swirling in and out of each other 's white wisps decorating the pale blue sky. I hear the trees ' leaves clapping in the wind as if they are applauding this beautiful day. I close my eyes and take a deep breath, feeling my chest rise and fall with the cool, fresh spring air that I greatly missed this past winter. As I listen to the birds sing my peace is interrupted by a long, anguished cry. Looking up I see it 's Mariah who screamed, standing by the wall.
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Everyone is afraid she is going to be the next Kirsten and it looks like they’re right. Kirsten had always been a quiet, nice girl, but when the wall appeared she had the worst reaction. She went bezerk and we had to lock her in a classroom. I remember seeing her lose it and it was frightening. She was crying and screaming, scratching and clawing at anyone who came near her. At first we tried to calm her down, hoping she could grasp reality like the rest, but she never did. Well, some might think she did better than the rest of us at understanding the situation. I don 't know how they managed to get her locked in there; she broke Drew 's nose and gave Sam a black eye. Sometimes if you 're in upstairs B wing you can hear her screaming so, no one ever goes there even though it 's one of the only places with

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