Essay On Having A Pet

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When I was a young girl I always wanted a pet. I remembered myself annoying my parents to get me something so I can take care of. Since I was the only child I was really lonely and no one to play with. I was about 6 or 7 years old when I started to annoy my parents. I was again an only child playing by myself with my Barbie dolls. My parents started to realize that I was extremely lonely and had no one to play with. They started to considering on getting me a pet. One day they told me if I was to get a pet what would I like I immediately said a dog because I loved dogs.

Then on a sunny summers day, my parents told me to start getting ready because we are going somewhere. When we were in the car I said to my parents “are we going
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I instantly ran to them and played with them. Little did I know that I was taking one of them home. When my mom called me over she told me that I was able to take one home with me. My father told me to pick a puppy because they’re cuter. My mother said to get a dog that’s almost all grown up and puppies make such a mess and she didn’t want to clean up their mess. My parents got into an altercation with whether or not we should get a puppy or an adult dog. I picked a dog that just the puppy age of his life and is almost an adult. When we put him in the car he was sitting on my lap. He started to howl and cry. Then I started to cry because the dog was crying. When my parents realized that I was crying they asked me “Miriam why are you crying?” I replied to them still crying with “because the dog is crying. We took him away from his father, mother, brothers, and sisters.” My parents told me to stop crying because it was a really dumb reason for crying. When I got home my parents and I faced a dilemma. We needed to name the dog. My parents came up with the craziest names. The finally I thought of a name. I told my parents “I know what we should name him” I said jumping up and down “We should name him Taco!” The reason why I named him Taco is because he looked like a Taco and I was

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