Don T Kill People Do

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Op –Ed “Guns Don’t Kill People Do” Mass Shooting are Part of The American culture. By Giselle Villanueva December 18, 2015, 5:00 PM oes gun control really lead to mass shooting?

Gun control is not really leading to mass shooting it is the society not the firearm. People will find a way to purchase it or will obtain a hidden weapon or to keep it simple they will purloin it. For example, buying a machine gun is easier license. In 42% of the 35 mass shootings recorded in 2015, so far they were no reported facilities. Furthermore, 47% of those mass shootings one of three people were killed. But, it’s really hard to understand what’s going
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The media is the key that leads to all violence most of the times such as the mistreatment of usage towards guns. The law was allowed so people can protect themselves and not to violate it. People have took so much advantage that it has become a disaster and lead to a mass killing of people.

This increase has done a major effect because the violation is so broad that it has become a custom and people have been a habit to see mostly violence on their daily basis that at a point they should be no reason for there to be gun control. For example, the horrible tragedy that occurred in San Bernardino, California killing 14 people and leaving and 17 people wounded.

The incident took place at a Christmas party on Wednesday for employees of the San Bernardino public health department where it provides services for the people with development disabilities. The two suspects happened to be a married couple who were the parents of a six month
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First of all guns don’t kill but the people are the ones who cause the things to happen. If guns were prohibited to certain type of people then many people wouldn’t care and try to obtain a gun or weapon. Even though, there is people that should not be able to obtain weapons for the fact that they don’t know how to use it.

President Obama is trying to pass a gun law control before the end of his presidency. Before Obama Finishes his term he wants to make a change and try to make a difference in violence, but Obama doesn’t Realize that if he passes a stricter gun control law it is not going to make much of a difference, with Mass shooting that will continually keep happening.

Gun control is a policy that refuses anyone to use a firearm. No matter what Obama wants to do it’s not going to work because everyone wants what they want and not what others think. For instance, people want to have weapons in their home for self-defense and gun control would happen to change the situation.

Mass shootings are displayed in the mass media causing breaking news. Social media has played

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