Unfair Women Pay

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For every dollar a man makes a woman will only make seventy-seven cents, thus causing an unacceptable, unequal wage gap (Jacobson). Proven through statistics, on average, a white male makes more than a white female by twenty-three cents (AAUW). When a woman is paid less than a man she not only suffers financially but her family does as well. Due to the argument that women are paid less due to maternity leave but that does not cover the single women working the same hours as a man annually. The wage gap has been an issue for many years and has a possibility of continuing to be an issue for many years to come. Despite the challenges and hard work that lie ahead, women have the opportunities to help work towards closing the wage gap and receiving equal pay (BE#11). Any employee, whether male or female, should be paid by how well they perform in that job - not by their gender. Women should be paid the same amount as a man, especially if they have the same occupation and worth ethics. Not only is this difference in pay …show more content…
This percentage is calculated by dividing the median annual earnings for women by the median annual earnings for men (. Based on weekly median earnings for full time jobs, women make between 81.1% of men’s salaries compared to 62.1% in 1979 (Catalyst). Even as women reach higher paid professions there is still a wage gap between men and women. The higher paid professions do not close the wage gap. And if a woman were to start a business, along with competition from a man, and the man’s company becomes more successful it is within reason to have the man earn more (BE#6). But when it comes to two individuals, one man and one woman, starting their first day on the job and already the man will have the advantage of making more than the woman. Even though they started the same day with the same level of experience the woman will make

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