Essay On Faculty Salaries In China

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The faculty salaries in china are categorized into two; the base salary which is the amount fixed for each step and a variable amount determined by annual performance review. The base salary is paid by the government regardless of institution or discipline with some regional cost of living adjustments. The performance bonus is paid by the institutions, and is determined by system of work point quantifying faculty activities of the year (González, Liu, & Shu, 2012). The size of the bonus is dependent on the capacity of department as well as personal accomplishments by having revenue generating activities such as consultancy and research for business firms. This has created a large gap resulting from the dramatic differences of compensation for …show more content…
There are other efforts of creating quality universities in china apart from the top ten because of the increased number of enrollment from one million to five million with an estimate of about six million students to be graduating from Chinese universities and increasing over the years to come. More than 38% of professoriate holds a doctorial degree and most of those academics with PhD degrees hold foreign PhD degrees (Zhao, 2007). This is because good education background calls for promotion which in turn means increased …show more content…
This is evidence that the Chinese institutions of higher learning have extended their recruitment far beyond the academic elites that was the object of the 1000 talent program. The program hopes to continue luring overseas academics in the field of research and teachers. This recruitment drive is seen to affect institutions in the US largely because china has an increasingly attractive preposition to junior academics with the hope of rising in the academic career ladder (Lu, 2006). The second tier of western universities will suffer because those who do not get a chance to get to the top tier will have to decide on going to china.
The Chinese faculty salary in higher education institutions varies because university autonomy in tapping different resources makes some institutions to do better than others financially. The complexity of faculty salary and remuneration in china has many issues since it is not possible to get data regarding fringe benefits to determine how academics are paid. The average income in the education sector is below average compared to the US. Professors are supposed to be the troops of the global knowledge economy and should be compensated handsomely to be motivating in their

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