Essay On Dog Containment

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People generally buy or build dog containment systems with the idea of confining a dog to their property. As long as your pet stays on your property, no harm comes to it or to the public. At least that's the common perception. Although they do their job of keeping your dog on your property, they could be flawed from the point of view of preventing harm to the public and avoiding animal liability risk. This is true of at least two of the three common dog containment systems discussed below:

Electronic Fence

Overall, this system does a good job of confining dogs to your property. The problem is it doesn't prevent people from entering the area where your dog is electronically confined, and you may be liable for dog bite injuries.

Trespassers on your property generally would have a difficult time winning a dog bite lawsuit against you. Although the specifics vary from state to state, not everyone who enters your property without your explicit consent is a trespasser. For example, policemen, utility meter readers, mail carriers, and delivery people are not trespassing because they are "lawfully in a private place." These people can sue you over a dog bite. Even police officers have sued and won cases against civilians.
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If your property doesn't have multiple "no trespassing" signs in highly visible areas, including the head of your driveway, or if your property isn't completely gated off to the public, you are giving them an "implied invitation" to conduct these activities. An electronic fence that doesn't exclude the driveway, sidewalk, and front door exposes these people to dog bite

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