How Earning A Degree Benefits Essay

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College is one of the most important things people can do in their lives. It impacts everything afterwards. It affects everything from quality of life to overall happiness. Although the cost of the degree continues to increase year after year, so do the benefits. The debt may be suffocating at first, but the degree is truly worth the debt. According to Nces.ed the median salary for adults twenty five through thirty four years old who worked full time was thirty four thousand dollars a year. according to the poverty line for a family of four is twenty two thousand a year. This seems to leave a lot of money left over, but with just seven thousand left over a year to live on, someone would not lead an exciting life. Even if there …show more content…
The cost of a bachelor 's varies greatly by college and state, but they average about fifteen thousand dollars. The fifteen thousand more a year means that in as little as a year the bachelor 's degree has already payed for itself, and when paying back loan the quality of life if still often greater than if there was no debt or college degree. This only proves how important the degree is. More expensive degrees have more prosperous outcomes, for example. The pay for a masters degree can range from seventy thousand to one hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year. Likewise the price of a master 's degree can range from thirty thousand to one hundred thousand dollars. The price and pay depend on what school attended and the extent of their master’s program; Even at the price of one hundred and twenty thousand dollars,That money will have to be paid off over a period of time, and because of the increase in pay, the quality of life during that time while paying off the loans the quality of life would still be much greater than if there had been no debt accumulated from the college.
The main argument against college relates to the amount of time and effort it takes to succeed in college, and the initial cost can be too much for some people to afford. But by acquiring loans and scholarships the cost can be greatly
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For a lot of people college is the best time of their life. For them it is more about hanging out with friends and and partying then it is about getting great grades and accomplishing as much as they can. Even if their education is not the focus of their time in college, it can still be worth the time and money for the experience that they have. College is the first real time to be away from parents and having the freedom to actually be an adult and make the decisions for themselves. Students treasure this and take advantage of their new found freedom by partying and drinking. Some students treasure this aspect of college, but for others it interferes with their overall goal of progressing through college with a great grade point average. Colleges have stepped in to help students in achieving their goals of high grade point averages by disallowing drinking on campus. Because of this rule existing in some colleges it helps students by making them choose if they want to focus on grades and go to a “dry” college, or if they want drinking and partying to be an aspect of their college life and this gives them the opportunity to go to a “wet” college where others might share similar beliefs. This differentiation helps students focus on what they feel to be the most important aspects of their college experience and help the

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