Essay On Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

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Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, especially the day of a robbery. I was going to need it because this is the only day in my life that I have ever felt alive. It started with steak and eggs, and I ate as our group of thieves planned the route that we were going to take to get in, even though I was to anxious to really pay attention. As I sipped my coffee, looking at that beige cup, the only thing I could think about was my share. My share, why do I get so little and they get so much. Because I was the new guy? But I knew I needed their help and I knew I couldn’t do all of this myself. It was simple, and we all agreed after all of it was sold; I get 20% because I was the new guy, Mr. Blonde gets 45% because he planned all of it …show more content…
Then, I slid out of that striped booth and stood up, looked to them, and Mr. White said, ¨It 's time to move.¨ I got out of my booth and they got out of their booth and together we all walked across the checkered floor to the back of the diner through the strip curtains into the kitchen. We pulled our black ski masks over our heads then put on our gloves. Mr. Blonde set five grand on one of the counters. Then, he picked up the bag and as him and and Mr. White walked out back and started to climb up the ladder to the roof; I quietly threw a rolled up wad of cash next to the chef, who was cutting meat. He didn’t look at me, he just paused for a moment, then nodded.
I climbed up to the roof behind them, pulled out my gun and checked the allies below to make sure no one knew we were there. Mr. Blonde and I had rifles on our backs, while Mr. White had a shotgun. We didn 't have them out then because they were too long, we all had out handguns. We jumped the roof to the next building and checked the allies on that building too. Looking down into darkness we knew they were all clear. Mr. White whispered, “All right let 's go, quickly now.” I kicked open the rusty roof hatch leading into the building and that 's when then things got
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We had our backs against a wall with an open alley to our right; which we knew people were coming back to shoot us through the windows. And, we had a tight alley way in front of us that had people running at us. Mr. Blonde spun around towards the tight alley and he looked at his gun, put a new magazine in it and cocked it. He put his gun to his shoulder and walked backward to put his back against the wall, and we both knew what was coming. He yelled and as I looked over, he tripped over an orange ladder that was leaned up against the wall.
We both knew this was the only way out. I yelled to him, “You go up first and I’ll cover you. Then when you get to the top, cover me as I climb.” He started to climb the ladder. I was looking around, knowing they were coming soon. But, I didn’t know how soon. I didn’t even know who we were fighting. I just knew they were guards of drug dealer who had a safe with something very valuable in it. I also knew they weren 't going to stop

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