Descriptive Essay: My First Vietnam War

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I hit the deck as the blasts flew over my head with unrelenting repetition from all sides. The smoke, which concealed my position, dissipated. I looked up and noted machines set up in a perimeter. These machines sucked up the haze and spat out clean air. One of the officers gave the order to cease fire and to movie in on my location. Thirty-six men approached with their weapons trained on me. Twelve were heavily armored pacification units. Eight marksmen emerged from their sniper nests. After half a minute of intense calculation, I came to the conclusion that there was not a strategy in existence which would allow me to kill a sufficient amount of enemy soldiers to be enough to make an escape. For the first time in my life, I was done fighting. The order came to put me in handcuffs, and the armored units cautiously approached me. They surrounded me with their weapons drawn. The soldier behind me jabbed me in the back with a cattle prod. While I was immobilized by the pain, two of the other soldiers put my arms and legs in restraints. Out from the crowd of enemies came a mobilized imprisonment unit, a cage …show more content…
After a few more shocks for good measure, they wheeled me back into the tower. No less than thirty guards accompanied me at any given moment. Through the front entrance of the tower, numerous divisions of soldiers already occupied the building. Rather than risk bringing me to the top via the elevator with a limited amount of guards in a confined space, the enemy elected to take me up the one-hundred-eleven stories of stairs. The cage in which they trapped me was able to travel up the stairs with a gear-like system of rotating wheels. Every floor, the guards around me were taken off and placed with new ones, so that the men escorting me did not become tired enough to facilitate a possible escape. Slowly, we ascended up toward my former

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