Essay On Becoming A Veterinarian

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My dream is to become a veterinarian .A veterinarian is a person who is qualified to treat diseased or injured animals. If any pets are hurt or in the process of spreading anything contagious a vet will be able to take care of it . I would help people not be sad or upset because something is wrong with their pet. also, cheer them up by fixing the problem . It’s horrible that we have all these veterinarians, but still their are animals dying. I am very passionate about being a veterinarian .

If I didn't make it to the olympics, my next career would be a veterinarian . I'm the type of person that really loves animals and would hate to see them abandoned. When my grandparents moved; I came across this brown stray dog. Out of curiosity,I
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Jane Hinton she earned her VMD at University of Pennsylvania. Also Dr.Alfreda Jhonson was the first female who graduate from the Tuskegee Institute School of Veterinary Medicine . African Americans have played an important role in veterinary profession since the 1900’s . 1949 , the women’s veterinary association became the women’s veterinary medical association . Both Dr. Jane Hinton and Dr.Alfreda Jhonson joined the association

The responsibility for me to be a veterinarian are to take biology , animal science , and chemistry class . Now in high school I can take mathematics , chemistry , biology , and physics courses they will open up opportunities including veterinary medicine . I can also start looking up things online about veterinarians and start trying to understand what I have to go thru to become a veterinarian . Also I can start helping out every animal I hanging out on the street and making sure every time i see them hand them some food and water .
When I become a Veterinarian , The city I live in will see less stray animals on the street because I will take care all of the animals. I’m going to have a building full of supplies to give to sick animals when they’re sick, and to make them feel welcomed. After I fIx their problem I will have a toy to give them; to make my clients want to come back to me

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