Social Networking Argumentative Essay

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Social networking is the first growing activity all over the world. 96% of 18-35 year olds are using the social networking sites ("Social Media Growth Statistics", 2014). As well as having advantages, social networking has also disadvantages. People around the world have different ideas about social networking. Some people support the use of social networking. On the other hand, there are other people that have an opposing position. Both of the supporters and opponents have their own claims and evidences, so it is very confusing to decide which point of view is right and which one is wrong. In order to reach a solution, recently; debates considering the social networking have been held, but without any final conclusion.
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About 2.03 billion active users make use of their social networking accounts in their communication (Kemp, "Global Social Media Users Pass 2 Billion", 2014). Using social networks, people from different cultures can interact with each other, sharing their skills and experiences. Moreover, family members that are apart from each other can easily keep in touch with each other, maintaining relationships among each other. For instance, my cousin who lives in UK and I always contact each other any time using face book. Making new relationships requires time. Thanks to social networking, people not only make relationships, but they also can develop real friends in a blink. Additionally, companies can use the social networks to communicate with each other and even making offers and deals. For example, my father once asked me to email a company in china to buy some of its products, then we made a deal and the bargain went successful. Social networking indirectly provides people with more confidence as it enables them to make new relationships turning them from introverts to extroverts. Social networking keeps people up to date. Social networks users would be the first to know the news and that because news is always posted first on social networks. Subscription for social networks pages such as news feed pages and podcasts helps you to be continuously notified with news. For example, you can follow the BBC news on twitter and get the news before being broadcasting on the TV by an hour. Social networking can be also profitable. It turned out that social networking is being used widely as professional networking. It has been used in marketing to increase brand exposure, web traffic and gain market insights. 60% of entrepreneurs say that they had gained new customers due to the use of social marketing (Karr, " 2014 Statistics and Trends for Businesses on Social Media"). Furthermore, studies have

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