Essay For Internal Medicine Externship

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Medicine is a field with incredibly vast variety of branches to choose from. From my childhood, I was highly interested in the field of medicine. My interest, hard work and health care awareness got me into the field of medicine. During my clinical rotation I participated in rural health camps under supervision of my professor. I witnessed the well-being issues engaged and in any way doctors change lives with treatment and patient education as well as distributing free medications gave me sense of satisfaction. This experience along with my own study has prompted me to pursue a career in internal medicine.

Since then I have started to explore various dimensions of health especially in the field of medicine. My first job as a Medical officer was in Primary health center in rural area in which I utilized my knowledge and helped the underprivileged people in physical as well as mental health. . It provided me extract scrounger and admissible occasion correspond up with varied diagnoses that I thoroughly enjoyed treating. I gained various clinical take and unfold to identify of pathologies and patient management systems. It provided me intellectual
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Indifferent exotic falling out case discussions, I carefully learned how doctor patient relationships are established in history taking and patient counseling. In my Internal Medicine externship I gained lessons of expected intern duties. Enjoying vigorous with respect to my doctor and managing patients, I even worked on my days off. I did externships in psychiatry at Kingsbrook Jewish medical center. I prone detach from the patient’s interactions divagate today's life has become so stressful and it is tough for people to cope with excess stress. This union of experiences has provided the basic structure for my wish to become a lifelong representative for the health impaired

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