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Name: Nicolas Nicolaci
Class: Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers
19, September 2013
The historical turn The evening of December 20th of 2000, it was the finals last game of the year, Vasco da Gama against Palmeiras, both Teams were good they played the first game in Rio de Janeiro and they tied 0 x 0 was a nice game both teams nervous they didn’t give space for the other team to attack, they were guarding for the second game.
In the second game I was in my house with all my family eating barbecue and we were waiting for the game was the last game of the year and Vasco had a good chance to be the champion and all of the other teams were cheering against Vasco da Gama, people were yelling out the window in that day Brazil
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Everybody in my house turn of the TV and people, but I still believed that Vasco was going to win, I went to my room got my holy and began to pray and watch the second period.
The team was simply unrecognizable, lethargic, dizzy, finished. But as a fanatic supporter I still believe in my team. The team returned different, it seemed that they weren’t losing, coach put a striker and they started to play after just fourteen minutes Juninho scored for Vasco and began the historic turning. Palmeiras was lost they couldn’t touch the ball, Them my family started to return to the living room to watch the game again and excited about the goal of Vasco da Gama, but I stayed in my room waiting for a few more goals. Some time passed and thirty eight minutes, Vasco scorer the second, just missing another goal for the game go to overtime, and at the forty-three minutes Romario scored the third and equalizing goal, the crowd did not believe, I didn’t celebrated because I knew I had one more and the last goal that would give the win in before overtime and the goal came in the last minute, Romario again, everyone in my house was hallucinating, crying and very emotional. I cried a lot it was the happiest day in my life.
After that game I knew that everything was possible and nothing is lost until the last

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