Personal Narrative: An Interview With A New Girl

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I’ve never had a girlfriend before. I just couldn’t approach girls in the same way as what my friends do. I see each of them makes a cute couple and wonder if I can find my soulmate soon. There are actually a few times when I meet a new girl and think, “Oh! she’s so lovely and nice to me. I want to know her more.” But I mostly let go of my chances. It’s always hard for me to approach a girl directly since I’m not a handsome guy. But this time, my destiny brought me to meet a very nice lady. And I thought a short and shy boy, like me, might have some chances to be more than just her friend.
College is one of the many places to meet new lady friends. I was in the same group as this girl during the orientation. “Do you guys play any sports?” she
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But I didn’t ask her out explicitly. I pretended that it was a coincidence that no other friends were free at that time. And I believed she knew that it was actually planned. But she didn’t say anything. Her face and voice were pretty and lovely as normal. After the midterms week, we spent hours together, walking around the campus and chatting various subjects. I thought I have successfully crossed the boundary of her friend-zone. But I still wondered why she turned back to be so nice to me. I wasn’t a handsome tall guy who plays basketball. I wasn’t a guy who knows which dessert a girl would like. I probably wasn’t a type of guys she liked. But one thing I was sure is that I always didn’t like when a guy talked and laughed with her because at the moment she was so special to me. And I hoped that I was special to her too.
Our current status is just best friends. She still talks friendly with most guys. But actually I’m totally fine with this and I accept everything that has happened or will happen – as long as we still express our care for each other. I think this is what I can call love: some feeling that is gradually better and better, and someone that can always make me happy and smile. I’ve always wanted to say, “I love you.” But I just can’t. I always feel like there is still something between us. And I don’t want to ruin anything again. Everything is complicated, but it’s perfectly good for both of us at the

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