Eric Schlosser : The Old Saying Goes Essay

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Introduction: Eric Schlosser strongly expresses his ethos throughout his introduction. He talks us through exactly what he will express throughout the book and why. On page 3, he says, “This is a book about fast food, the values it embodies, and the world it has made.” He starts off by telling us exactly what to expect while reading and to also shed some light on the undeniable truth that most fast food businesses want to keep hidden from consumers. He openly promotes his beliefs on the primary basis that consumers should be aware of what they are eating and the harm that it can cause to their body. On page 10, Schlosser says, “As the old saying goes: You are what you eat.” This quote sums up his intentions for writing the book perfectly because the book was written to give us insight on what really takes place behind closed doors. Not only is the book suppose to be of benefit to people who buy fast food regularly, but it is also suppose to encourage people to either stop the consumption of fast food or to reflect upon the outcome of consuming (purchasing) fast food.
Chapter 1: Carl Kartcher’s background was an important part of contriving an argument. This background information is important because it helps the reader to see the struggles and obstacles that Kartcher had to endure and overcome, along with many other well-known fast food business managers. It helps the reader to get a grasp of the hard times that was present before the beginning of the fast food industry…

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