Epic Heroes In The Odyssey

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The definition of an epic hero is a character in literature who displays the admirable traits of their civilization such as courage, duty, and self-sacrifice for another person or the greater good with no expectations of external gains, such as glory, money, or rewards. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus proves himself to be a hero as he tries to return to Ithaca from the Trojan War. Another hero is Rama from the ancient Indian epic titled The Ramayana, Valmiki, as adapted by Larry Tominberg. These two great epic heroes proved themselves to display these traits and do what right for humanity in their epic poems. These two epic heroes do what’s right for the greater good. In the epic poem The Odyssey, the main character Odysseus proves himself worthy of the title “An Epic Hero”. Odysseus proves this many times throughout the epic. Odysseus proves himself to be brave, quick thinking, and as well as clever many times throughout the epic. One time he proves himself is when he pushed the boat off the shore from the cyclops which shows that he is brave. For example, “I got the longest boat hook out and stood fending us off, with furious nods to all to put their backs into a racing stroke” (Homer 9. 955-958). This quote demonstrates Odysseus …show more content…
Odysseus proved he was heroic when he is brave, quick thinking, and as well as clever. Rama proved himself heroic when is brave, compassionate for evil, and respectful. Even though these epics were created many years ago, we still read them because the impact that they have had on the world throughout the years. These epics showed us what to do and what not in our lives. These epics also showed us what to do to go above and beyond from the average person in our daily life. These two very important characters in two of best pieces of literature throughout time showed us the real meaning of being a

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