Environmental Influences On Academic Achievement And Performance

1285 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
While multiple influences can impact adolescent development, many influential aspects, ranging from individual life experiences and social and learning environments to personality and personal interests, play a role in development and overall achievement. More specifically, environment can directly influence the adolescent in school, regarding academic achievement and performance, at home, relating to beliefs and personality, and socially, influencing certain behaviors and mannerisms. All things considered, environment plays a major role in development, especially cognitive development. In fact, early development periods are the most influential and can encourage positive or negative developmental outcomes. Therefore, it is important to acknowledge environmental influences on academic achievement and performance; as successful academics are generally based upon a solid cognitive development which is typically influenced by ones environment. For that reason, understanding environmental impacts on cognitive development can suggest influences of desirable or less desirable academic achievement and performance. Typically, an adolescent’s home environment sets the foundation from early childhood and has the largest potential impact. The home environment is usually where much learning occurs apart from school. Speech and language, interest and activities, values and beliefs, and mannerisms and personality are primarily introduced at home. Hence,…

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