Home Life And Family: The Importance Of A Child's Life

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Some are unaware of how much a child’s home life and family can affect their social skills, morals, success in school, and even health. A child’s home life will almost always effect the overall outcome of that child in all aspects of his or her life. It is common that a child will often turn out like their family members. This is important because if a child comes from a broken or unstable home it may affect him or her in a negative way. I think that it is absolutely necessary that all people understand the importance of giving a child their needs. Children who lack their everyday needs often can become unhealthy and stressed. Families are the most central and enduring influence in children’s lives regardless of their education, composition, …show more content…
You could prove this true by just looking around. Think of all of the families you know then imagine their children and their children’s actions. You would most likely see some kind of pattern. One personal experience for me would be an example of one of my peers. For instance they come from a family who has plenty of money so of course on the outside they look well-mannered and respectful. But the family of this child is broken. Their parents fight all most daily and they rarely spend time together as a family. In result this child has become rebellious and disrespectful. They only care about material things and will do anything or hurt anyone to get what they want. Sometimes this child gets in trouble with their school and team, but they do not suffer the consequences once they get home. Their parents do not punish them and they lie to others to make their selves look better. They are not willing to risk their reputation to teach their child a lesson. This personal experience really speaks to me in ways that other sources cannot. A family must have a balance in order to be happy. Obviously money will not make you happy but lack of income will most likely lead to stress. Lack of money could also lead to things such as deprivation of food and even homelessness. According to “The Long-Term Effects of Homelessness on Children” by author Elizabeth Kelly, “Homeless children are more likely to be victims of physical or sexual abuse, be diagnosed with mental illness, suffer from behavioral or emotional problems, exhibit educational disabilities, and experience emotional stress stemming from separation from a parent, inadequate housing, or frequent moves.” Homelessness can also cause long-term effects. An example would be adults who grew up in a poor family, or those who have been homeless in their childhood have a higher adult incidence of

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