Environmental Factors Affecting The Marketing Mix Essay

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- How could the environmental factors you have identified impact on the marketing mix?

Environmental factors Impacts on the marketing mix
Selected environmental factor 1: Social and cultural forces Promotional strategies should focus on that the café can deliver an enjoyable and comfortable dining ambience for different types of customers
Selected environmental factor 2: Demographic factors Product strategies should be focusing on adding different product lines with different ingredients and tastes available to attract more customers

- Describe consumer priorities, needs and preferences in relation to the identified marketing opportunity or opportunities. Use the research that you completed in BSBMKG501B to complete this question.

 required or preferred products/services: customers prefer the all organic or healthy ingredients added in during the coffee production process. Any artificial ingredients such as sugar or coloring are not recommended in the production process.
 preferred price point: customers consider the middle price ranges of $3.5 is the acceptable pricing as with the provided coffee product volume and charged prices are matched and appropriate.
 preferred method of payment: majority of customers would like to pay by cash and only a small amount of customers would like to pay by credit cards.

- How will consumer priorities, needs and preference impact on the marketing mix selected?

Consumer priorities, needs and preference Impacts on the marketing mix…

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