Essay on Environmental Challenges Facing American Auto Industry

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According to Highfill, D., Baki, M., Copus, S., Green, M., Smith, J., Whineland, M. (2004) the environmental challenges facing American auto industry emerged with the growth of the industry and prompted concern for the environment with focus on emission reduction and the USA Congress 1965 passed, “Pollution and Control Act”, hence becoming the first Act to benchmark on setting industry standards. Following 1970, Congress again passed the clean Air Act as the automobile industry is growing fast and high competitive hence having these laws enacted in curbing behavior change and instilling sense of responsibility to the users and the automakers, with focus on sustainability of the environment.

Vehicle emission Environmental challenges

According to Highfill, D. et al (2004) Congress passed, The Vehicle Air Pollution and Control Act 1965, and it became the first and only Act to set standards on automobile pollution. The number of automobile increases with time and pressure mounts on manufacturers to innovate new alternates energy powering fuel, increased regulatory compliance and reducing imminently the rising concern on global warming. The automobile industry unwillingly ventured into Research and Development for new methods of producing alternate models with other energy powering fuel, although citing the prohibitive cost involved, however the introduction of the legislation forced many automakers to seek innovation into alternate ways of the automobile powering…

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