Engineering Design And Decision Making Essay example

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In a rapidly globalizing world, even minute dissimilarities between available codes and regulations amplify the complexity of engineering design and decision-making. Engineering professionals are placed in or sent to foreign locations with increasing frequency, where they must determine the design standard that satisfies their ethical obligations to produce safe and sound engineering solutions while balancing local traditions with global best practices. To address this, engineers must first consider the intent of available codes, clearly communicate interpretations and synthesis in a code analysis, and regularly self-review design actions. When doubtful, engineers may consult previous case conclusions. Finally, engineers should actively anticipate potential decision conflicts, adopting a proactive rather than reactive stance.

In discussing codes and regulations, it is important to note that there are two general categories: prescriptive and performance. The majority of codes, especially as it pertains to civil engineering and building construction, are predominantly prescriptive in nature, wherein identified problems are assigned “specific and prescribed responses” (Ching 8). An example of this would be safety features such as guardrails; designers are required to implement these to a prescribed height to prevent the problem of occupants falling (might switch example). Performance codes, on the other hand, merely define the problem, allowing engineers to formulate the…

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