12 Angry Men Character Traits

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This movie with full of messages on how the personality, attitude, emotions and group dynamic influence the decision making process. We can relate this movie with current situation in our own organization on how the management teams make a decision on any situation arise. Individuals are likely to evaluate about any target more positively when they are in happy mood rather than in sad mood (Norbert Schwarz, 2000).

Personality traits are very important and play a big role especially in the decision making process. Schermerhorn, et al. (2012, p. 29) has described personality is overall combination of characteristics that capture the unique nature of a person as that person reacts to and interacts with others. Based on
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This juror is well-spoken and his way of thinking more on logical. He believed the accused as guilty because he had preconceived motions about people from the slums. He avoids the emotional arguments and engages in rational discussion. He changes his vote due to the witness's testimony is discredited.

As a young man, Jack Klugman is afraid of expressing his opinion to the members of the group. He is juror 5 and grew up in the slums and have experience watched some of the various fights. He had introvert personality, however he is a good decision maker and sympathetic to the defendant. Feeling inferior status while going through the discussion. His vote is "not guilty" when he has a good reason for his opinion.

Edward bins as a juror 6 was described as an honest person, good decision maker, sympathetic and aggressive. But he is dull-witted men and take a time to see the good about other people. However, finally he agrees with Juror 8 after he removed the mind spreads generated by jury 3, 4, 10 with hot
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He is racism, not proper thinker, abusive, prejudice, arrogant, insensitive and biased. Most of jurors doesn't like him based on his opinion and speech was disturbs the rest of juror. Changes his mind when all the others jurors are against him and specifically when jury 4 tells him to keep quite and not to speak.

Juror 11 was interested to be a jury because he has witnessed great injustices that happen before. He was described as a good decision maker, rational thinker, supportive, team player, open-minded, agreeable and good natured. Changes his decision based on the arguments put forth by jury 8. He gets convinced that there is reasonable doubt in the evidence which makes him change his decision to not guilty.

Personality juror 12 was similar to juror 7 such as not interested, unfocused, non reasoning and indiscipline. But also described as an arrogant and impatient person. He wants to be an important person and has changed his mind based on the decision by

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