Energy Sources Of Solar Power Essay

1153 Words May 15th, 2015 5 Pages
Sasha Gonzalez
Chemistry Block 3
15 May 2015
Solar Power
As of the end of the past century, and now the beginning of the current century, the primary energy sources being used have been harmful to our environment, and are nonrenewable. These energy sources are not going to be on earth forever, so it would be beneficial to mankind to find a new primary source of energy to replace the old ones. Solar power is one of the most abundant energy sources we have on Earth, and each year it is becoming more and more popular. With the technological advances in the modern world, solar power energy has the potential to become a primary source of energy for the population living in the Twenty-first century because it can be used in any platform, it is cost efficient because it helps lower electric bills, and it has been recognized worldwide as a source of energy that does not harm the environment as much as past energy sources do.
Solar power energy can be used to power up a variety of electric commodities used by people today not only on a personal level, but also as high as to an educational level. One of the most popular platforms that use solar power energy is the installation of solar panels in homes. The concept of harvesting the sun’s rays and turning them into energy has been present for a long time, but in 1767 Swiss scientist Horace de Saussure was credited with building the first solar collector. (U.S Department of Energy) Since then, the development of solar power…

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