Essay on Emotional Intelligence

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How smart are you? While this question may be seemingly simple to answer, it is an interesting question because it suggests someone’s level of mental competence can be measured. If there is an answer to this question, it suggests that a person’s level of smartness or intelligence can be found pretty straightforwardly by a score on a measurement of intelligence such as an IQ test. Find a pen or pencil, have a seat, and take an IQ test. Even better, look one up on the internet. Hours…or even minutes later you will receive a score that supposedly tells you how smart you actually are. “Based on these results, you are ______ smart.” The emphasis is on smart and how well a person’s mental capacity is captured in writing, on a test. Is this …show more content…
186). In other words, emotional intelligence means taking one’s feelings and emotions to develop rational thinking. It refers to using emotional factors to think about an issue and create balanced decision-making. When emotions take over, rational thinking can be destroyed or sabotaged because we tend to let our emotions, positive or negative, take over. For example, an individual who is highly depressed may contemplate suicide as the only way to feel better. The rational thing to do is to think it over and understand that suicide is not the best solution as others will be hurt, it is an eternal end to one’s life, and so on; however, because emotions are taking over, suicide seems like the only option. Another example…take an individual who is short on the rent and gets the wild idea that he can double his current money at the casino. The emotional high, though positive thinking and not negative thinking where he wants to kill himself, takes over. Rational thinking would say: stop, think this out, save the money you have and find a way to get the rest. When we remove rational thinking from the equation, we have a problem. This is why emotional intelligence is so import. It separates emotion from reason and creates a balance between the two. In addition to the effect emotional intelligence has on our own thoughts and actions, emotional intelligence, according to Sean Brotherson (2003) can be defined as “a component of interpersonal or relationship

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