Emotional Intelligence Essay

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The development of competencies and skills are very important in the workplace (Goleman, 1998). This paper will examine the importance of the Nurse’s skills in the medical field. Identifying the role of the nurse in the care of the patient, the essential competency skills to develop an emotional intelligent nurse will be analyzed including intellectual skills, self-awareness, therapeutic and teaching skills, listening, and, probing skills (Xavier & Pereira, 2012). The process of these developments will be evaluated to assess for any improvement needed to achieve the desired emotional intellect outcome.
Emotional Skills of the Nurse
Competency in Nursing is a necessary element when caring for patients. The nurse
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Competency Skills of the Nurse Nursing as a profession is highly demanding one, where the medical professional is surrounded by patients needing care. Interpersonal relationships are a key for nurses on daily basis. To become a successful medical professional, the nurse requires the necessary license and training in addition to emotional skills and competencies (Vahedi et. al.,2009). Nursing is a physically, mentally, psychologically, and emotionally demanding profession and requires dedication and commitment at all times. The nurse must be able to control his or her emotions and make wise decisions as they are directly involved in the care of the patient. Hence, understanding the behavior, emotion, attitudes of the patients are the key. Apart from the medical treatment, patients need emotional support as well. Nurses’ skills in being caring and non-judgmental are vital. A nurse deals with patients with all sorts of background and all walks of life, children, adults, and elderly. Hence, treating each individual may be different. Depending on the work situation, a nurse may be dealing with patients who are sick, physically disabled, or injured in addition to emotionally and mentally unstable. Therefore, empathizing with the patients is necessary, and the nurse should not become involved

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