Emotional Intelligence Has With Human Development And Growth Essays

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I chose this book because of the duality that it has with human development and growth. The idea of emotional intelligence has been compared to Intelligence Quotient (IQ) levels over the past ten years. It has also been challenged by many who only believe that IQ is the most important for developing productive humans. Even still over the past few years, emotional intelligence has been sought out more frequently than not to help develop the human mind in different therapy techniques. The idea that emotional intelligence can prove to be effective for people in several areas of well-being is what draws people to read about it and try to understand the concepts. The three basic areas that people need to improve on that IQ cannot help with is one, our health, two, romantic, love and personal relationships and three, leadership correlation to IQ and strength in leaders. It is because of this dual relationship of ideas and the ability to become self-aware, self-management, socially aware and most importantly social skills.
Emotional Competence For me the duality of the book has a strong correlation between social work and human development along with IQ that intrigued me to read this book. Although many scholars see only the smartest can survive and thrive in today’s competitive work place, I feel that with social services and the ability to teach oneself how to manage our emotions we become self-aware, we can self-manage, be socially aware, and manage relationships…

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