IQ Scores: Impression Analysis

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Each one of the tests were very different, from how they were formatted to what their purpose is and what my results ended up being. All of the tests took place online, The first one I took was from There was no time limit on answering the questions, it consisted of only about twenty questions, which when reflected on were not very difficult. I was able to complete the test in about fifteen minuets, because it was not timed I felt fairly confident that I had done well and my score reflected that. Based on this IQ test alone my result was 125, making me almost in the top two percent of IQ scores. As much as I wish I could believe this result I found that my results here didn 't match up to my past performances in school or …show more content…
(Grisson, Heatherton, & Gazzaniga, 2015). When Analyzing younger people we can calculate their mental age and assess where they can be placed in school or they can be used to help predict their future habits in relation to intelligence. But as people grow older there are some limitations, that is why many psychologist are updating the way they look at these tests. For example there are many other factors that can attribute to ones score. The environment someone grew up in, cultural bias, life experiences. These are things that can limit how accurately ones intellect is depicted when taking and intelligence test (Benson, 2003) When analyzing some of these tests especially the ones I took online that they can be precise but not always accurate. They can give you a general understanding of where you stand in terms of your intelligence, for example I may now know that I’m about average in terms of my IQ but I wouldn 't go as far and say that my IQ is exactly 106. When looking at something that is more subjective such as multiple intelligence results I would look at it as a stepping stone towards a better understanding of how I may learn. The results of intelligence tests should not be used literally but rather as a tool towards understanding ones self and ways to

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