Emotional Intelligence Assessment Results From Enclosure 3 Shows Better Than Average

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Emotional Intelligence assessment result from Enclosure 3 shows better than average score.Emotional intelligence (EI) refers to the ability to face obstacles, criticism and use emotions effectively to manage ourselves and influence positive outcomes in relationships with others. Individuals who scores higher than average score are able to make good decisions, control emotions, manage relationships effectively and motivate themselves with persistence and enthusiasm. Emotional intelligence appears to overlap with personality traits in Big 5. Extraversion, Neuroticism, and Agreeableness could be related to the EI. Extroverts experience great satisfaction and happiness. Therefore, positive aspects of EI: assertiveness, warmth, positive emotionality could be overlapped with Extraversion (Costa & McCrae, 1992). Neuroticism could be directly related to the EI. Individuals with a higher EI and low scores on Neuroticism can be able to control emotions and motivate themselves. Bar-On (2000) identified the relationship between the interpersonal relationships and traits of EI. Agreeableness traits such as, friendly and approachable behavior could be related to the effective relationship management trait in EI. Self-evaluation Strengths Extraversion is my primary strength. This feature enables me to easily interact with people, actively participating in social activities and comfortably engaging with…

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