Emotional Intelligence And Intelligence Quotient Essay

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A person’s capability of identifying how he/she and others feel and react in certain situations and one’s ability to use those feelings and reactions in beneficial and encouraging ways refer to Emotional Intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence plays a significant role in the outcome of a person’s life; it could either lead one to success or failure. Developing good social skills, proper-self management, strong self-awareness and social awareness is an important factor in developing a high level of emotional intelligence. One’s level of emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient are not greatly related to each other, but the two need each other in order for a person to use his/her emotions in a proper way and to help him/her build a better life. Emotional intelligence (EQ) describes how one approaches others’ feelings and behaviors and how one deals with social dilemmas. Emotional intelligence includes one’s ability to keep in touch with his/her feelings and be in control of them. Intelligence quotient (IQ), on the other hand, measures a person’s level of cognitive intelligence, and it includes one’s ability to apply the knowledge and information he/she has obtained to logical reasoning and problem solving. In a way, these two interact when a person is faced with a dilemma or is in a situation where he/she has to deal with others’ emotions because EQ is about how he/she makes decisions and IQ is about his/her ability to let these actions result in good…

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