Emily Dickinson 's Very Little Words Essay

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A Society that Can Not Seem to Change
In very little words, Emily Dickinson describes society in her time. I believe that it’s ironic that she not only described the way society thinks in her time, but also in my opinion, Dickinson describes society in our time. From Observation in America, as well as other places, if you do not agree with the majority, be prepared to be scolded and pushed away. No matter if the majority is wrong, the majority’s wrong is the majority’s right. Even if the truth can be proven, the truth is still wrong. Society works this way because we rely on power and popularity. We as a people support whoever will provide us the most benefits in life. Some people will even sell their souls for a piece of the pie. Siding with the majority or the powerful, can cause you as an individual to stray away from truly thinking and functioning on your own. Not having a mind of your own, not siding with what is true; shows a sign of weakness and truly a lack of independency. If you are not strong minded about what you truly believe, your mind can easily be turned towards a different direction.
Emily Dickinson was a very strong minded person. Despite the obstacles that stood in Dickinson’s way, Dickinson still would eventually be recognized as one the America’s greatest poets. Dickinson wrote on subjects that were real, she wrote on subjects that would open your eyes, and cause you to think. Emily Dickinson did not mind voicing her view point on life. Because…

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