A Poem To Summer By Ellen Hopkins

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Ellen Hopkins often bases her writings on her life experiences. In 1992 Hopkins published a poem to the public for the first time. From then on Ellen has positively influenced the world by showing the impact of drugs and physical abuse that has reflected in the literature of the 2000s.
On March 26, 1955 Ellen was adopted at birth by an older couple, Albert and Valerie Wagner. Growing up in Palm Springs, CA wasn’t easy. Albert worked in the steel industry in World War II . In 2000 Ellen found her birth mother and half-sister, Toni and Fran Chandler, in Michigan. Ellen tried to contacted her biological father. When she finally found him she already had her first child, Jason. Her birth father refused to acknowledge her or even admit that he’d
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The night before heading back to Reno, Nevada Adam give Kristina a homemade tattoo of a heart to remind her of their summer together. Kristina, now back in Reno, finds it hard to cope in her old life, She tried to find a connection to “the monster” Summer is almost over now, which means Kristina 's step-dad Scott, has a company picnic, which the whole family has to go to. At the company picnic Kristina struggles to hide her tattoo. Staying clear from her mother and stepfather, Kristina turns into Bree to hits on a lifeguard, Brendan, as well as Chase, a bad boy from school, in hope of finding herself a man and a little crank. After meeting the boys Kristina’s mom sees her tattoo of the little heart on her thigh, which leads to a huge grounding. While grounded Kristina receives a letter from Adam. The letter was not exactly what she wanted to hear. Adam informed Kristina that Lince was recovering well and he was ready to see other people, After Adam ended their chances of a relationship, Kristina starts to “party” with Brendan, but starts seeing Chase on the side. Kristina is only thinking about the meth, Kristina asks meets up with Brendan to buy an eight ball of meth.. Once the truck was in park, what Kristina thought was just going to be a drug deal turned into her worst nightmare. Brendan had raped her, taking her virginity away. Kristina, mad and hurt, …show more content…
Desperate to find out what it is, Marie reaches out to her daughter by giving her several lectures about drugs, which ends in a fight. Kristina uses hateful words she has never said before. On Kristina’s birthday Chase takes her to a party where she and Chase had sex for the first time. She realizes it’s not as bad as she had thought. Also doing destructive things such as taking ecstasy along with crank, making out with a lot of people, and drinking other people 's blood. Coming home way too late Kristina gets grounded. After hearing her parents discussing what they were going to do to her, they agree to crack down on her and restrict her time with friends. Wanting to see Chase, Kristina sneaks out and starts to hitchhike her way to him, but the cops pick her up and lock her in juvenile hall for the weekend. While locked up, Kristina finds a new connection with someone who knows a member of the Mexican Mafia. Thanks to the Mexican Mafia, Kristina becomes a bona fide drug dealer and gains fame among stoners at her

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