Book Review Of Crank By Ellen Hopkins

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The book Crank by Ellen Hopkins the first book in a series. It is about a teenage girl who had big dreams and made very good choices who spend a couple weeks with her deadbeat father. While she was there she picked up on some awful habits that would affect her for the rest of her life. This novel takes the reader on an intense journey about a girl who struggles with herself and her family. It really can open the eyes of someone who has never experienced the things that Kristina gets herself into. In some high schools this book is a requirement to read. I feel very strongly that every teenager should read this book because of the lessons it teaches. I am going to describe the drug, tell the important parts of the book, and then
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Her father is a crystal meth addict and would even do drugs with her. She also met a boy whom she fell in love with and he is the one who created her addiction. Kristina had become quite addicted while there. She was having a hard time understanding why she was doing the things she was doing and in turn created a second personality “Bree”. Bree is the one who makes the bad decisions and she has more fun which is why Kristina ends up doing so many terrible things. When she meets guys or people with drugs she calls herself Bree. This is important because she has an alter ego that is taking over her life and that alter ego is influenced by crystal meth. She loses all of the friends she had before the visit because she no longer cares what her friends have to say and she finds everything they say irrelevant. She no longer wants to do the things she used to love to do. She becomes very distant from everyone who once meant something to her. Her family quickly notices that something is wrong but they struggle to figure out what is wrong with her. They assume that she is on drugs but they never make any efforts to really find out. Bree begins to sneak out of the house often and is continuously grounded. She even gets picked up by the cops for being out past curfew. Basically the drug addiction takes her life on a violent downward spiral. Everything she had planned in her life is over because of a …show more content…
Teenagers are very curious and sometimes think and do things impulsively. This book is my absolute worst nightmare. I would absolutely hate having to depend on something such as meth. Not being able to go about my day without one snort of meth. The thing that would be the most upsetting to me is how my parents would react to me doing such a hard drug. Personally I am a lot like Kristina. I have amazing grades, I like school, I have a future and I love my family and friends. That can all change with one use of meth or any other hard drug like that. The thought of losing all my friends and having my family turn their back on me gives me the chills. After learning about all the things meth does to you it is hard to think that people will continue to do it. It is a crazy addictive drug and the book very seriously shows just how much it WILL ruin a life. Kristina also gets impregnated at a party after she had done drugs and she was not thinking clearly. The worst part about the whole book is that it is a true story. The author’s daughter spend a few weeks with her father and came back a drug addicted person. The whole book is about how she watched her daughter fall completely apart because of meth. I had always heard about all the awful things drugs can do to someone but it is hardly believable until you hear a real life story. I can name ten students right now who are

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