Electronic Sports: Really a "Sport"? Essay

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Electronic Sports: Really a “Sport”? When “sports” is heard the first thing thought of, big athletes, open fields, and probably a lot of sweat. However, that is not the case these days. Within the last ten to twenty years a radical thing that probably would not have been thought to exist is coming into fruition, and boy is it blooming. Electronic Sports, eSports for short, is the act of playing video games competitively for not just proving who’s better, but also for a very large chunk of money. Does that make it a sport however? Is just being able to compete against others for money what makes something a sport? In some cases, but that would probably be more the definition of a “tournament.” Other things needed would be leagues …show more content…
With each different game brings a different amount of viewers, generally depending on how popular or well the game was developed. That in itself is probably another helping factor with the industry’s growth. With more games being developed monthly, it only expands the likeliness of someone else’s interest being peaked, attracting even more followers. As the amount of followers increases, so too does the likeliness that it will be more widely accepted as a true Sport and gain even more financial support, even more so than it does now. Yi-Wyn Yen from Sports Illustrated has said that if and when media starts getting more involved in eSports, then that’s when it’ll truly become a sport that can be taken seriously (qtd. in Goodale 3). With video games becoming ever more popular it’s more likely that eSports will gain an even bigger following than it already has, leading it further onto the stage with other big sports. Already there are tournaments held all over the world as well as there being organizations that help to fund and host these tournaments. One of the more popular “F2P,” or free to play and download competitive games that hold such of these tournaments known as “League of Legends” has a healthy player base of thirty-two and a half million individual players. “Ryze,” as the forum poster’s name was, reports that on a monthly basis they have an average of eleven and a half million players having played at least one game and daily

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