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Voting for the President of the United States is a necessary action we must take as citizens of our country. It is especially crucial to have background knowledge on who you plan to vote for because it enables a reasonable decision to be made. It is a chance for your opinion, regarding which candidate you would prefer, to be understood by others, to hold elected officials liable for their settlements and to have a voice in vital subjects that impact your community. The Electoral College is extremely expensive, but yields the same results as a general election, therefore, the College is not only unreasonable financially, it also is not very useful.
Every 4 years, citizens from the United States go to voting booths located around their community
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I strongly believe that the Electoral College should be abolished due to the fact that it extracts the freedom to vote away. If we, as United States citizens, are able to vote, then we should also be able to select the person who will run our country. The Electoral College system removes that power away from citizens, which leads to great controversy among individuals. Originally, the founding fathers placed the Electoral College in the Constitution, because they assumed that the general population wouldn’t have enough sufficient data to make a knowledgeable selection on who would be the best nominee for presidency, but now with the expansion in newspapers, t.v. and social media, the people have the power to get data on almost anything at an instant. The Electoral College restricts American citizens entry to Presidential candidate’s media and attention, making their votes seem incoherent. It weakens the intelligence and morality of American voters by presuming that they do not have the ability to make an educated conclusion. In an honorable democracy, everyone’s vote should total equally, but the system that the United States utilizes to elect its president infringes this concept by making sure that some people’s votes are more just than others. If the Electoral College was eliminated, it would merely authorize citizens the right to vote for the president immediately and everyone’s vote would be fair. I believe the Electoral College should not be replaced with anything because there is nothing that is needed to replace the will of the American people that has been expressed through the popular vote. I believe that the winning candidates should be decided based on who captures the most states, and this is accomplished by winning the popular vote state by state. In essence, the Electoral College is a costly and repetitious system that only serves

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