Elderly Persons ' Health Status Essay

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Healthcare Legislation According to a research focused on examining elderly persons’ health status for individual states, an aging population with better life expectancy, but increasing prevalence of chronic ailments like obesity and diabetes indicates an emergent healthcare crisis. According to Dr. Rhonda Randall, non-profit organization United Health Foundation’s senior adviser, it has only been some years since Baby Boomers first began turning 65, triggering a huge population demographics shift (Healy, 2013). The American Geriatrics Society’s chief executive, Jennie Chin Hansen, who has authored one commentary within the Foundation’s US Health Ranking Senior Report states that the report provides a vital collection of messages focused at individuals, families and communities, together with warnings to both lawmakers and healthcare practitioners. She further claims a few trends are highly cautionary and health sector workers must sincerely be prudent, purposive and considerable to ensure improvements in citizens’ wellbeing and health. Although healthcare workers possess knowledge, they are yet to put it into practice. Randall asserts that if the growing national chronic ailment burden goes unaddressed, it will adversely impact both the economy and the overall welfare of senior citizens. She believes America has reached a critical point of time in history, wherein its health sector must closely examine this demographic shift and citizens’ behavioral and health outcomes…

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