Essay on El Mozote

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Mark Danner, an editor for the New York Times magazine, recounts in The Massacre at El Mozote a horrific crime against humanity committed by a branch of the Salvadorian army. He gives multiple points of views and cites numerous eye witnesses to try and piece together something that has been tucked away by the government at the time. In December, of 1981, news reports were leaked to major newspapers in the united states about an atrocity committed and a total massacre of a hamlet in El Salvador, known as El Mozote, or the Thicket. At first, the account was of over a thousand civilians, women men and children with no guerrilla affiliation were massacred. Danner pieces together the testimonies of the survivors, and interviews with …show more content…
The facade that anyone would walk away from El Mozote was quickly abandoned. They were all going to die at the hands of a crazed renegade branch of the Salvadorian army, headed by a ruthless leader that held idol status among his men. The final stage in the purge was the destruction of the children of El Mozote. Soldiers were overheard conveying some degree of humanity in that they did not want kill children. But, as was said by the other solider "We have orders to finish everyone and we have to complete our orders. That is it"(Donner 75). There were perhaps thirty children that were being killed in a variety of inhumane ways. Donner recounts an interview with a man named Chepe Mozote, that he saw the soldiers. "they slit some of the kids throats, and many they hanged from a tree." He luckily got away, but the rest of the children did not fare as well. There were disagreements among the soldiers as to what to do with the children in the schoolhouse. Finally, they strafed the schoolhouse with bullets from their American automatic weapons and burned the schoolhouse and everything inside of it. So ended the massacre at El Mozote, everything dead and decimated, with corpses strewn about the town. They were some survivors. Rufina Amaya recounted a unbelievable story about how she was able to escape from the soldiers, in a crab tree (Donner 73). She was forced to watch as the soldiers were murdering her children, and she

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