The Key Causes Of The Spanish American War

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The Spanish American war was fought in 1898, but the conflicts causing the war started in 1895. First off, you should know that Cuba is located 90 miles south of the shores of Florida, and this was also around the time that America stopped employing isolationism. Also, key figures in this war that we will be discussing are Theodore Roosevelt, San Juan Hill, Rough Riders- which I will say more about later- McKinley, William Jennings Bryan, and Emilio Aguinaldo. In 1895, Cuba was rebelling against Spain. Spain was using brutal force to stop the rebellion, which the U.S. covered in several newspapers, which was propaganda to make us dislike Spain and feel sympathy towards the rebels. After a lot of people saying we should get involved, on February 15th 1898, the USS Maine was sunk in the Havana Harbor. Spain declared an armistice on April 9th, and gave Cuba limited powers of self-government. The U.S asked Spain to get their troops out of Cuba and leave them alone. Spain then declared war on The U.S on April 24th, followed by the U.S. declaring war on them the day after. Spain was not ready for a war though, and didn’t know what they were in for. The Spanish fleet lead by Admiral Pascual Cervera was attacked …show more content…
After charging up the hill with his loyal Rough Riders behind him, Teddy Roosevelt reached the top and won the battle (and some believe the war) for the U.S. It was very close though, Roosevelt is even reported to have had a bullet hole in his hat, inches away from ending his life. After this victory, Roosevelt gained popularity and decided to run for president. He was elected because of this victory, and later became one of the greatest presidents of all time. In office, he created the Panama Canal, created hundreds of jobs, and very greatly assisted the nation’s national parks, along with a long list of other

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