Effects of Text Messaging Among Teens Essay

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Effects of Text Messaging Among Teenagers
How often do/did you use your cellphone/smartphone as a teen? When I was a teen, I received my first cellphone at the age of 15. I thought personally this was the best invention ever created as a young teen and with that, I soon found out that I just entered a whole new social world with these new technology devices. I entered a generation that would be called the Tech-Generation filled with cellphones/smartphones and social media. I quickly discovered the texting function with my cellphone and started to send texts daily to my friends. My cellphone became a necessity for me; if I did not have my cellphone, I would freak out. In addition, I started to replace phone calls and
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Given that communication plays a central role in personal relationships and that relationships are assessed by the communication skills of others, the downfall of the ability to effectively communicate may decrease successful relational development in young adults. This can jeopardize many of life areas such as family relationships, socialization, school performance, and employment. As teens mature and continue their lives as young adults, they will be faced with situations that call for this skill, such as a job interview where you are asked on the spot questions with no time to re-think and erase what you say. Another situation would be simply everyday communication that involves reading body language and expressing emotions. Text messaging is eliminating face-to-face interactions and important in-person social skills. I will be exploring the ways these new socially interactive technologies and how this safety net is affecting teenagers’ social lives as it plays a major role in their ability to form and maintain relationships, and socialize as a future adult.
One of the most popular SIT’s being used among teenagers today is the cellphone/smartphone and it has had a significant impact on the way the teens communicate throughout their daily lives. In this generation, it has evolved that owning a cell phone/smartphone has turned into a

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