Effects Of Technology On Student 's Grade Point Average Essay

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At the beginning of university students may take their notes using pen and paper however, by the end of their degree they may have switched to taking notes in a more modern way and use technology (I.e. tablets, laptops) or vice versa. The study reviews the implications that using technology may have either detrimental or beneficial affects on a student’s grade point average (GPA). It is hypothesized that students who use technology as their dominant way of taking notes will show a lowered GPA than those students whom write their notes manually. 35 females and 15 males from Concordia University of Edmonton took part in the study, the students filled out a survey handed out to them in class. The survey asked questions deemed relevant to the research question. Through analysing the data, it was discovered that there is a correlation between method of note taking and GPA; using technology to take down notes in class on average results in a lower GPA where as, taking notes using pen and paper results in an average higher GPA.

Effects that the Method of Note Taking has on Resulting GPA
University is a time where students are trying to learn how to balance working, social life, family relationships and maintaining an up to par grade point average (GPA) in school. In attempt to find the optimal balance between all aspects of life students try a variety of methods of note taking to explore the type of learner the student is in hopes of maintaining the required GPA. Some…

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