Essay on Effects Of Technology On Student Learning

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Technology is becoming more prevalent in education. Technology can be used as a great resource in the classroom. There are many studies today about the effects on technology on student learning. There are also many studies on peer feedback in student learning. Yu-Fen Yang and Wen-Ting Meng from Nationals Yunlin University of Science and Technology wrote an article called, “The effects of online feedback on students’ text revision.” This article goes through a research study to see if explicitly teaching students how to give feedback to their peers online can make a difference in student learning. The research questions that lead the framework of this study searched for the degree of improvement after the online feedback training, the differences between the more and less proficient groups in student revisions and the perceptions towards the online feedback training concerning the text revisions (Yang and Meng, 2013, p. 221). The study included fifty students studying English as a foreign language at University of Science and Technology in central Taiwan. The students voluntarily signed up for this writing program. All of the students are from different departments at the university. Before the writing training, the students took a pre-test that included twenty-five test items. The test included spelling errors and grammar errors that students need to correct. After the students took the test, the students were divided into two groups: a more-proficient and a…

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