Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On Drivers Essay

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The National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 poll of Sleep In America stated that 60% of adult drivers (around 168 million people) said they drove feeling drowsy in the year of 2004, about 37% (approximately 103 million people) reported to have fallen asleep while driving, and 4% said they had experienced an accident because they were tired while driving (NSF, 2016). There are also estimations of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of 100,000 police reported crashes resulting of driver fatigue each year, this estimation takes us to 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries, and $12.5 billion in monetary losses, (NHTSA 2016). These statistics present the great impact that sleep deprivation has on drivers, specifically how it affects people’s motor systems causing them to be involved in car accidents of all types. Although many of these car accidents are sometimes hard to be linked to sleep deprivation, due to lack of resources to measure such state (sleep deprived), there have been several studies successfully addressing this issue. The current study tries to explore the effects that sleep deprivation has on drivers, and how many car accidents are linked to such status (sleepiness). Anterior studies have tried to demonstrate the effects that lack of sleep has on drivers and their driving performance, (Takash, Yoko, Yasushi, Kenichi & Yuichi 2008). For instance, Takash et al. examined the association of short sleep duration with rear-end collisions (and other types of car…

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