Essay On Sleep Deprivation Among College Students

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College students are very busy. They have to attend class, do their homework, work part time jobs, and take care of their family and because of that they become sleep deprived. College students who stay up all night and party lose a lot of sleep, and sleep deprivation has many bad effects on college students. Sleep is very important for everyone, it is a human need. Without sleep, many problems can be caused especially when a person does not get enough sleep that person will have less attention and less aware of what is going on around them. For college students, sleep deprivation makes it really hard to learn in class. If a person is feeling very sleepy, it can be really complicated to succeed. The first hint a student feels that is …show more content…
The shift from high school could be very complicated to deal with for students. Many students that go to college, find it very hard to handle their homework, friends, extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities. Regardless of the time, a college student should be relaxed in order to do well at his or her best in terms of physical performance, to memorize material, and taking a test. Also, without sleep, the person will have illnesses, both mental and physical. Sleep deprivation among college students is very common and its effects on how well that student will do at college. The problem of sleep deprivation is really bad and a lot people are facing the consequences that come along with being sleep deprived. “A lot of people are not getting enough sleep each night without knowing the negative effects of not sleeping on time could impact our physical and mental being” (Ledoux). There are many new rules to stores that we have make people lose their sleep and it has made spots in twenty four hours a day open stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, and other

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