Effects Of Sleep Deprivation On College Students

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College students are very busy. They have to attend class, do their homework, work part time jobs, and take care of their family and because of that they become sleep deprived. College students who stay up all night and party lose a lot of sleep, and sleep deprivation has many bad effects on college students. Sleep is very important for everyone, it is a human need. Without sleep, many problems can be caused especially when a person does not get enough sleep that person will have less attention and less aware of what is going on around them. For college students, sleep deprivation makes it really hard to learn in class. If a person is feeling very sleepy, it can be really complicated to succeed. The first hint a student feels that is the result of sleep deprivation is feeling very tired during class. Basically, sleep deprivation is connected with when a student seems to be awake, but actually the student falling asleep in their head. This is also known as daydreaming, which could lead to falling asleep and less …show more content…
These students will find it hard to pay attention in class and they will have decreased way learning the material and solving problems. Often times, they are not able to remember anything. As a result, these teens could get lower grades. Sleep deprivation can cause their grade to fall, which can impact their future life plans like having a job. To be able to be successful in the world as adults, college students should be able to help themselves in times of need. It is very hard to get a job without going to college. In order to be accepted into certain colleges or jobs, their grade should be strictly maintained throughout their college years. Living as an adult requires a very high amount of learning, which cannot be possible if they are sleep deprived. Therefore, it is important for teenagers to have enough sleep to do well in their

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