Effects Of Racial Profiling On Race Essay

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Effects of Racial Profiling One of the most controversial social injustices derives from the topic of racism. This reoccurring issue has been seen on numerous accounts since the time of America 's founding fathers. When the United States of America was being formed, race was an issue that needed to be compromised. A stem of racism, racial profiling, is an injustice that has become more tangible with the passing of time. To this day, cases can be made where profiling based on race is an apparent factor. The angst that encourages racial profiling is comprehensible; however, profiling based on race is an unreliable method that creates more issues than solves. This discriminatory method infringes on an individual 's civil rights, alienates both individual and entire populations, and backfires as an ineffective for of governmental investigation. While many deny the use of racial profiling, this form of discrimination is still prevalent in today 's society. One of the most important documents in America is the Constitution. Created in 1787, the Constitution has remained the highest law used in the United States.While this document provided the framework for America 's government, it also provided the people of the United States with unalienable rights, found in the added amendments. By using racial profiling as a form of investigation, authorities impose on civil rights. One amendment in the Constitution, specifically the fourteenth, addresses the rights given to the citizens…

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