Essay about Effects Of Online Courses On The Education System

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Effects of Online Courses
With the upgrade of technology in the education system, online courses are nowadays done by many individuals in the society due to the lack of time to sit in the classrooms and also because of the leniency that students have of using the digital system to conduct their research. The article discusses the issue of online courses and how it affects the education system and future of United States (Ramage John John & June 355). The problem also affect me because of the fact that some of the courses done will be through the digital system. The article is done by Claire Giordano, a student who explains the various ways that the online education platform affects individuals. The audience that is targeted for the research study is the educated adults who have not yet read this article and deserve to gain some knowledge on the disadvantage of using the online courses as a means of furthering their education. Thesis Statement: An online course limits the critical thinking skills of an individual and is not the best method of acquiring education.
According to Giordano, the digital platform does not provide the best way for people to acquire education especially since it is done behind the computer. The author also explains that as much as many individuals expect a better outcome from the use of the online courses, the results of this step are usually bad and unprogressive especially for the students. Another disadvantage of the method of study is that it is…

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