The Importance Of The Internet

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Register to read the introduction… It has transformed the way we seek out information. There is no more going to the library, and sifting through pages of encyclopedias. If we have a question we are unable to answer, or that someone else nearby cannot answer we simply need to type our question into a search engine. The phrase, "Google it." has become so common place that people do not think twice about the meaning behind it; a pronoun becoming a verb. Google alone has an estimated 55 billion web pages that it links to through its search function. (de Kunder, 2012) This by default is a lot more pages than you would find in your typical library encyclopedia.
The Internet has also given birth to online scholastics through the use of modern computing and communication technologies; most commonly referred to as e-learning. (Neto & Brasileiro, 2007) There are hundreds of online universities and colleges that anyone can attend, and even more online high schools. These schools allow folks the opportunity to go to college without having to enter into the traditional classroom environment. This opportunity would otherwise not present itself due to work or other daily
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In the past if a student needed a paper proofread, he or she would have to go and physically seek out someone to assist him or her. With the invention of e-mail through the Internet one can simply shoot a quick e-mail off to hundreds of different people if they desire seeking input no matter how far away they are. With e-mail you can ask a relative a question about a cooking recipe, and they can e-mail you the instructions so you can learn them without trying to write them down over the phone and perhaps messing up. You can also send attachments over e-mail that will allow you to help better understand something that you could simply not explain with

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