Essay about Effects Of Obesity On The United States

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Sugar-sweetened Beverage to Child Obesity Obesity has become a significant health concern among children in the United States. While the sugar-sweetened drink is gaining its dominant position in the food supply market, added sugar in beverage becomes a major cause of weight gain and the driver to further diseases such as diabetes among children. According to the statistical research has been conducted in the review article, North America becomes one of the four areas proven to have the highest consumption of sugar-sweetened beverage; 74% of products in the US contain caloric or low-calorie sweeteners while only 5% of these drinks are exclusive low-calorie sweeteners. The pervasiveness of such drinks among children could be even disconcerting since it is believed that overconsumption of added sugar can lead to excessive accumulation of fat inside the bodies of children. This following paper is intended to investigate the association between sugar-sweetened beverages, included but not limited to, caloric soft drinks, fruit drinks, and sports and energy drinks, and weight gain among children.
The first study has been conducted among preschool students, which intended to explore the association between the amount of beverage intake and the effects on weight status. This cross-sectional study recruited samples nationally in four different ways, including the collection of parent-reported demographic descriptors, a 24-hour dietary recall, a measure of physical activity, and a…

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